Preliminary Notes for 2019: Forex is a Long Process

Preliminary Notes for 2019: Forex is a Long Process

After going through many challenges from various dynamics of global financial markets throughout 2018, we are now at the beginning of 2019 to prepare for the next challenge. In the 2018 forex note, of the many questions that came to me, whether it's via Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram, most of them are technical. A small number invited me to exchange ideas about fundamental conditions. Only one or two people mentioned the Money Management issue as a matter of discussion.

So, every year, the shape or structure feels almost the same. It's like a reverse pyramid; if sorted by the most percentage, then in the first position is technical. Next is about fundamentals. Then pursued money management.

Maybe it really describes the real condition. Most traders prioritize focusing on technical aspects rather than fundamentals. This is still normal for me and not too wrong. The problem is, Money Management gets a very small portion or even totally ignored. Even though he is a breath of continuity in the long journey that lies before us.

Sometimes I imagine, or suppose ... if the pyramid chart has a flat shape, say it becomes more square to reflect the expected focus balanced, then the report or "vent" the Margin Call (MC) sent to me might get more shrinking in number.

The Key To Forex Trading Is To Survive Running Processes

Process ... is another important part that also cannot be ignored. I myself am a trader who believes in the strength of a process that has been tested long enough. But I also understand that not all traders will immediately understand this in a certain period of time, considering that I was once in such a condition.

There are those that require a short time, but also not a few that require a considerable amount of time, to realize that the mistakes that have been made are an important part of continuing to process to make it even better.

This process, for most traders, may indeed be a tough challenge in itself. Especially if you still have not found the implementation of Money Management and Trading Systems that are considered ideal or as comfortable as possible. This process also requires perseverance, mental strength, and continuous concentration.

As a result, perhaps not all traders can survive the process. If, say there are 100 people who go into the world of forex trading in a certain period of time, starting from zero experience, then in the next five years, maybe only a tenth of them will remain. This is natural selection which may be natural.

There is still an Advanced Process for the Successful

Of those with small portions or one tenth of this, it might not be easy to proudly pat your chest or show off success for a moment ... because you realize that "other processes" will still occur. Some professional traders I know, prefer to continue reading various reviews to add insight, or collect the latest basic information when they leave the market for several reasons, for example when they reach their daily targets.

Ten people may also realize that forex trading is not about the success of short-term achievements. This is a continuous "long process" to reach further distances. Maybe it's like running a marathon ... what is needed is stamina and speed that remains stable, not easy to go down but also not easily overstated because the ego is greedy and excessive. All that is needed is mental or psychological and perseverance that is always maintained.

Get enough rest to restore fitness, of course needed. Make the best use of it, including for example to socialize or communicate with friends or family. Then prepare to continue the next marathon. And so on, it runs from Monday to Friday, every week ... month after month ... and every year.

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year 2019. I would rather pray that we are always blessed with good physical and mental health from the Almighty. Because we really need it ... so we can continue to "process" better than in previous years. Amen YRA ... Success is always for us all ...

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